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Get to know us

Thanks for dropping by. We are a small family run brand with me (Sarah) doing the creative work and Sam (my husband) doing the business stuff. Oh and Winter, our daughter who you'll see modelling some of the designs.

I have worked in the fashion industry for the last 5 years and have always dreamed of matching my mini. Now that I have a mini, I had to start a brand all about matchy matchy. We design all the garments & prints right here in NZ and work with our offshore teams to make the fabric & garments come to life.

Our Tui garden dresses were inspired by the unique and beautiful NZ nature. After living in Australia for 4 years, coming home I really appreciated NZ nature in a different light. (Don't get me wrong, Australia is beautiful too).

We are big on sustainability and creating quality, ethical and long lasting garments.

That has lead us to launch our DIY Petal & Me dresses so you know exactly who made your garment. We also hope that with it being handmade by you or someone you love, it will hold a little more sentimental value and therefore live a longer life in your wardrobe.

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